It’s A Simple “All The Bright Places” Review

   All The Bright Places is the latest Netflix Original Movie released on February 28th, 2020. It’s starring well-known actresses and actors, such as Elle Fanning and Justice Smith. It’s directed by Brett Haley, the film is based on a teenage romance novel with the same title written by Jennifer Niven. You can also watch it on 123movies for free.

It tells the story of Violet Markey, a teenage girl who is in mourning after the death of her brother. Violet was in the worst of her life until her schoolmate, Theodore Finch, paid attention to her and took her to various beautiful places in Indiana, where they lived. When we think that Violet is a character who is in need of help, Finch apparently also has some trauma and deeper wounds.

   As an American teen drama film that is released on Netflix, All the Bright Places has a different production from other Netflix teen lit films. There is no voice-over narration from the cheesy main cast, or excessive pop music soundtracks.

Showing chat through certain applications is also a typical one in today’s American teen lit, but we will not find it in this movie. The film is produced like an indie drama film with editing and scripts that are smooth and minimalist. Many stories are displayed visually or directly explained by each character in certain scenes.

The film phase is pretty fast for a drama film, starting from the development of the main character’s relationship, to the development of the characters Violet and Finch. Actually this film has a fairly short story material and short duration, but the film combines emotional scenes that are accompanied by music. Like when Violet and Finch who searched various places, their scenes dancing with friends, and various other footage.

Due to it is an adaptation of the work of the novel, there are a number of literary references inserted in various dialogues between Violet and Finch. We can also see various hidden-gems locations in Indiana, America, where several locations have beautiful scenery.

All The Bright Places has a message to convey an awareness of the issue of depression in the face of loss and mental health in adolescents. The message was delivered with a sufficient and natural portion. It’s not too detailed about mental health, but it’s more focused on the emotions and feelings of adolescents who experience the situation.

Violet Markey, played by Elle Fanning, is a character who is still sad since her brother died. Maybe an adult or someone who hasn’t lost will complain that Violet has been in a pit of sadness for too long. Through this story, we will feel sympathetic and understand the importance of making room for ourselves, and the cure for a loss is a new love.